Is your transmission making funny noises or getting a vibration?

Do you hear clunking from your drivetrain when decelerating or accelerating?

Chances are your flexible joint is on its last legs and will need replacing.

Replace it with a top quality genuine flexible joint.

This part is new old stock and is selling out at a special price.


This part will suit the following MB Vehicles

  • R121 190SL
  • W108 Sedan  
  • W109 Sedan
  • W110 Heckflosse Sedan
  • W111 Heckflosse Sedan
  • W111 Heckflosse Coupe
  • W112 Heckflosse Sedan
  • W113 Pagoda SL
  • W123 Sedan
  • W123 Wagon


This part is No 221 0n the attached parts Diagram


Original Part Nos:-



A180 411 06 15

180 411 06 15

180 411 0615



Don’t pay $200+ for this part through Mercedes Benz our price is only $150.


Please check you have the correct part number for your vehicle.


Most parts for classic Benz’s from 1950 thru 1970 available.


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Mercedes W108 – W123 & R121 Flexible Drive Joint Gen - 180 411 06 15, 1804110615

SKU: 180-411-06-15GNOS
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